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I have a ring app which uses mount to refresh stateful components. How do I refresh the server from a running REPL in cursive?


(mount/stop #'server) (mount/start #'server), or just if you changed code and it affects the server, because the server will be restarted automatically


should i run that command in a REPL running in cusrive/IntelliJ or ? command line ?


i am super newbie and you can picture a squid flailing in the ocean to describe me apptitude with clojre right now


i loaded dev.user.clj file into the repl and with that command (mount/start .. ) i got N-> o such namespace: mount, ...


even though mount is required and declared in the require section of dev.user


sure, alias it


(require '[mount.core :as mount])


yes, you should run it from the repl


also you should switch to the namespace where the server is, or refer to it


assuming it is, (in-ns '


and assuming you want to stay in the user ns, (require '[ :as server]) and then (mount/start #'server/server)


what do you mean by ? i am aiming to run server locally for development


thanks for your help though .. i think what your telling me is correct, i am using datomic though so that is my sticking point. if it were not for that library ( not loading ) it would work fine


ok so you say you have a server as a stateful component. that component must be in a namespace


that namespace is what I mean by, I don't know which name it has in your app


@U5LPUJ7AP thanks again for your help/time .. i think i got it ( i set up a REPL and had to set the alias to -> dev <- so it would be able to find the datomic libraries and i was able to mount/start the server


Hi @cfleming We’ve been doing some work involving tools.depsand we sometimes depend on sub-modules (sub-directories really). I have noticed that Cursive (wrongly) highlights some valid occurrences of symbols. Is there any reason you would mark those as invalid ?


@gphilipp while clojure will allow you to use a symbol with multiple slashes in it, those are considered invalid symbols according to the language spec If you try the same symbol in clojurescript instead, you would get that "Invalid Symbol" exception.


Another place where I've run into issues with clj and cljs parity in the past (seems better now) is allowing keywords to start with a number. Technically the spec forbids it but it seems like both implementations are pretty permissive on that front.


Every time I hit the refresh button in the Clojure Deps panel, I've noticed all of the tabs switch to show the file name. Then when I click on a tab, it switches to the namespace name (i.e. from foo.clj ->