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I already have it on opieop


@misha and it doesn’t format your lets?


now it does, but I am 100% sure it did not 1 or 2 idea or cursive updates ago (few days ago for me).


I bet you a beer it did 🙂


I'm glad to buy you one even if I'm right ♥️ opieop


I know why I am saying it did not work. With such selection (I do most of the time) map alignment works, and let one does not:


I see, that’s possible - I can’t remember without looking at the code, but it’s possible that reformatting inside a map expands the reformat to the whole map.


it does, this is why I use it: reformat entire map, but don't reformat context around map.


I'm getting an error message Error:Error resolving ... : Coordinate type :mvn not loaded for library org.clojure/clojure in coordinate {:mvn/version "1.10.0-RC4"} when I try to import a project using dep. My deps.edn file is {:deps {org.clojure/clojure {:mvn/version "1.10.0-RC4"}} :paths ["src/clj"]}. If I try to add a REPL, I see the error Run Configuration Error: No modules containing clojure.main found. Running IntelliJ Community 2017.2.7 with Cursive 1-8-0 on Ubuntu, and in the same project I'm able to run clj and it runs with Clojure 1.10.0-RC4 so I assume that part of things is working fine.


It seems like the problem occurs with Use CLI Tools - the path is correct (I can run it directly from the terminal and it will start up a clojure repl), not sure how to troubleshoot it though.


@shaun-mahood That’s a really weird error, and I can’t reproduce it. But I think I see how to fix it.


Do you get a stacktrace in your logs?


I don't think one came up in the log screen, all that is there from earlier is 10:39 AM Error running 'REPL': Error creating run parameters. - how do I find the cursive logs?


Help-&gt;Show log in…


Actually, I can’t see how to fix that, and I no longer have a theory why that wouldn’t work 😞


I mean, it works fine as long as I use tools.deps directly - so I was able to get the work done that I wanted today.


In your original error, you pasted Error:Error resolving ... - did you redact something there or did it actually print ...?


Heading home for the night, but if you have anything you want me to try I can do that tomorrow. The ... was just the path to the project on my machine


Ok, thanks - there is another mysterious problem where those paths are wrong, I thought it might be related.


Ok, I’ll investigate further.

Joe R. Smith22:12:06

Is it possible to get Cursive to format other forms like it formats let? I.e., if I create a macro with a binding form like let.


@solussd Yes, if you resolve your macro form as let, it should work, see:

Joe R. Smith22:12:17

also, is it possible to apply let/map/etc alignment with a keystroke, but not automatically?


No, it’s not possible to do that at the moment.

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Joe R. Smith22:12:38

@cfleming I tried the "resolve-as" functionality, but it didn't work. 😕


Could you file an issue for that? That should work.


@shaun-mahood I’ll try to reproduce that.

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Joe R. Smith23:12:21

@cfleming false alarm– I had an arg before the binding vector, so it wasn't the same as let.

Joe R. Smith23:12:36

it does work when it is shaped like a let.