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@cfleming My first attempt at documenting figwheel-main is at Since you’ve changed the way the REPL works and might be looking at documenting that further, I found it really hard to find anything related to how to use the different REPL options anywhere (for the non-EAP versions). Might be worth using figwheel-main as an example for some of the new options since it can be run a few different ways.


I wonder, if there could/will be a way to "resolve sym as s/def", @cfleming What I am actually after, is cmd+click on keyword to go to spec definition, if available. And it does not work, when you have spec defined with a custom s/def-like macro.


@misha You should be able to do that now using the “Specify…” option.


That will allow you to resolve as any var you have available in your project.


Hi, is there a way to format code according to this

Use a single space indentation for function (macro) arguments when there are no arguments on the same line as the function name.
;; good
 (range 1 10))

;; bad
  (range 1 10))


@vasac Yes, I’m not in front of IntelliJ but it’s something like Settings-&gt;Editor-&gt;Code Style-&gt;Clojure-&gt;General-&gt;One space list indent


CIDER can also be configured to do the reverse these days, but I can’t remember the config off the top of my head.


Thanks, it works 🙂 - I miss that one.


@cfleming it works! ♥️ (go to spec definition after resolving custom macro as s/def) but if macro is too clever (first arg is not a keyword) - it does not :(


@misha No, the macro will have to have exactly the same shape as the one you’re resolving as.