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Alternative is just to start the REPL with the aliases and flags you want, and connect to it as a remote repl

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Petrus Theron08:08:06

IntelliJ with Cursive does not seem to be indexing deps.edn dependencies, e.g. (:require [datomic.api]) via com.datomic/datomic-free {:mvn/version "0.9.5697"} in deps.edn. Auto-import is enabled and IntelliJ prompts to refresh dependencies when I touch deps.edn. What am I doing wrong?


@petrus What’s the behaviour you’re seeing? Are the symbols not being resolved? I can’t think of anything that should cause that. It’s definitely working for dependencies in general, I don’t know why datomic would be different.

Petrus Theron10:08:13

where :deps in deps.edn contains this

Petrus Theron10:08:41

@U0567Q30W not sure if you can see my image uploads due to Slack limits?


@petrus Yes, I can - Slack complains, but does show them.

Petrus Theron11:08:10

no, I don't get a prompt for stubs


If you open the Deps toolwindow and press the refresh button, do you see it then?


When it’s done refreshing, I mean?


It’ll come up as a notification, bottom right.

Petrus Theron11:08:04

cool, didn't know about the deps tool window. I can see datomic-free is listed as a recognized dependency of my project

Petrus Theron11:08:42

so this shows up, which looks like stubs


No, that’s IntelliJ autocompleting from classes - those are the compiled class names.

Petrus Theron11:08:33

but no suggestions come up for a known function


So after refreshing, still no stubs prompt?


Can you check the Event Log, View-&gt;Tool Windows-&gt;Event Log for anything relating to stubs?


@petrus ^^ (pinging because I’m off to bed shortly)

Petrus Theron11:08:39

ahhh, I see stub prompt now. I always ignored this

Petrus Theron11:08:09

Great 🙂 It works after generating stubs. I didn't know I needed to do that for suggestions to work


Yeah, that’s because Cursive indexes source, and Datomic doesn’t have any.


So that will create function stubs introspected from the namespaces which Cursive can work with.


@petrus Do you get a prompt to create stubs? Did you do that?


Hi, clojure noob and intellij noob here? I can get the Clojure REPL to work in Intellij, but can't seem to get Clojurescript REPL to. Can't someone give me steps to make this happen?


If you are targeting node and want a clojurescript repl in Cursive then I have some instructions in this project.


thanks, it looks very helpful đź‘Ť