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@dottedmag @mfikes i was wrangling with nrepl+figwheel.main+cljs-repl+cursive config last week too. while i've also realized that the Use clojure.main in normal JVM process works, it doesn't pretty print the results of my evaluations i send to it with shift-cmd-p, like it does with the remote nrepl config. i've documented my setup for my colleagues here:


@onetom I’m planning to add that soon, so that the clojure.main REPL will use a prepl-style structured output which will allow Cursive to do more useful things with it.

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Oliver George23:08:54

Is there any documentation for setting up a repl for 'clojure deps' project? I have the 1.8.0-eap6. I get some output about a task (below) but no repl prompt.

9:19:32 AM: Executing task...
9:19:37 AM: Task execution finished.

Oliver George23:08:56

Perhaps I'm not understanding the configuration screen.


@olivergeorge Just set up a local REPL as usual, either the “Use nREPL in normal JVM process” or “Use clojure.main in normal JVM process” options should work.