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Hello, I need some help with Cursive.


@cfleming A totally non-urgent question, but something I’ve been dying to ask. Off the top of your head, what are your top 3 things you love and not love about working inside of IntelliJ? If you had a magic wand, what one thing would you change about it? PS: I got Cursive this January after watching a talk you gave at Clojure/conj — fell in love immediately. I loved the way you acknowledged the 1MM+ lines of code in IntelliJ dedicated to handling incorrect ASTs — much easier than handling correct ASTs! 🙂


@alexpashkov123 cursive does static analysis, so it needs to know about your dependencies. you need to point it to a lein project file or a pom


Is there a way to make Cursive reindex dependencies (preferably automatically) when new deps are added to a project.clj file, and lein deps (or some other command which causes the deps to be downloaded) is run? It seems "File -> Invalidate Caches / Restart" does the trick, but that's kind of annoying when adding new libraries


@alexpashkov123 There are a couple of things that can cause that. The first is not having that file under a source root (you should get a warning about that) and the other is not having your project set up correctly. How did you set this up?


If you’re using lein, check in the lein toolwindow (View-&gt;Tool Windows-&gt;Leiningen) to see if your project.clj is registered there. If it isn’t, right click it in the project view and select “Add as Leiningen project”


@risinglight It should prompt you to refresh when you change the project file, but if it doesn’t check the Lein toolwindow and hit the refresh button there. Or you can search for the action “Refresh all Leiningen projects”