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I've just experienced the sync failed error too after git cloned a project from one machine to another. After I changed the Terminal shell setting from /Users/onetom/.nix-profile/bin/fish to /Users/onetom/.nix-profile/bin/bash pressing the refresh icon in the Build panel suddenly started to work. When I changed it back to fish it kept on working. I guess it's not trying to do something bash specific after the build has downloaded all the dependencies. (I'm on macOS and using nix-shell normally, but since IntelliJ is not very nix-aware, I just set my Clojure Deps / Path to 'clojure' command to /nix/store/qr9054vgrg34gv0jnm5qm826ih1645xc-clojure-


is it possible to specify lein profiles when running a clojure.main process?


@U053032QC Yes, that’s the issue you want. I’ll try to fix that in the next EAP since I’m working on a lot of the REPL/execution stuff.


thanks thanks thanks!


@U053032QC BTW are you still suffering from the long classpath problem?


Yes, but I’ve made sure my maven repo has a short path, and excluded lots of Amazonia which was responsible for 50% of my deps :face_with_rolling_eyes:


The path length is key as it’s the multiplier


hello, trying to test the new deps support, how can I "remove" a project so I can it again as a deps instead of leiningen?


leiningen tool window > remove, then you can remove the module from the project and start again


thanks, I figured that, then you can use the project modules to add the deps, one caveat that I noticed is that you must close and open the project again after that to get the deps tab


Yes, and the module should be automatically removed these days.


@U066U8JQJ Yes, that deps tab issue is annoying, I’m going to fix that shortly.


Try opening the project settings and looking for it under Libraries


I hide my repl window using "hide" button (the one with the picture of a vertical box and an arrow). Anybody know get it back? I found that if I run a new repl the window comes back and I can switch to my running repl.


When I hide other windows, like project, I get a tab which can be used to restore the window.


In my IDE, the hidden REPL window minimizes to a tab in the lower right corner. If you can’t find it there, look under View -> Tool Windows -> REPL.

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@llsouder I’ve remapped Cmd-2 to the “REPL” command. Cmd-1 (for the project window), Cmd-2 (for the REPL), and Cmd-9 (for git), are what I use all the time

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it’s nice to have them to keys because hitting the keys again minimize them, so you can pull up the repl and then get rid of it with just key commands


I am receiving this exception when using my dev alias:

Error unmarshaling return; nested exception is: 
	java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: com.amazonaws.SdkClientException (no security manager: RMI class loader disabled)
Full stacktrace in logs: My dev alias contains com.datomic/ion-dev {:mvn/version "0.9.175"}. The exception does not occur when that dep is commented out.


I am able to run clj in this project.


Turns out I didn't have the ion-dev dep downloaded. If I make sure ion-dev is downloaded, I do not receive the exception.


@kenny The deps alias comes from the system deps.edn file, and adds deps itself to the classpath.


That ion-dev error is really weird, that should be downloaded on demand.


Oh, is it possible you enabled the alias but didn’t sync your project after doing that? That’s not done automatically yet, I need to fix that.


One thing to note is that REPLs and other processes are not (yet) executed using the CLI tools, so the classpaths may not be 100% correct yet.