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@grav It’s pretty primitive, it just looks for known banner strings in the output. If you can paste here what a lumo REPL looks like at startup I’ll fix that. I need to do the same for shadow and probably planck too, as well as the new figwheel.


@hlship @carr0t That’s an IntelliJ thing, and I think it refers mostly to the actual workspace, i.e. toolwindow layout, which files are open etc.


I’m planning to move the lein support to some infrastructure that IntelliJ has for build tools, it didn’t exist at the time the lein stuff was started. I’m going to use it first for deps and then once I understand it get lein on it too.



$ lumo
Lumo 1.8.0
ClojureScript 1.9.946
Node.js v9.2.0
 Docs: (doc function-name-here)
       (find-doc "part-of-name-here")
 Source: (source function-name-here)
 Exit: Control+D or :cljs/quit or exit



@cfleming Ping me if you want me to test it 🙂


what can I do to render datomic's tagged literals as resolved? I assume stubs are generated properly, because datomic's api functions are resolved


I am using two dependencies that's causing an IndexNotReadyException every time I open a project. The guilty deps are org.clojure/data.xml "0.2.0-alpha5" and cc.qbits/spandex "0.6.0". This is an issue I've seen multiple times over the last months, but occasionally betweens intellij updates the error disappears (and sometimes i'm not working on any projects with these deps). However with 2018.2 EAP and latest cursive EAP I am able to reproduce it. Minimal project setup and stacktrace:


Seems like I'm constantly having to drag the tab for the REPL to where I want it. Keeps resetting every time I change branches.