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Just curious, what do you all have cycle collection type action bound to?


Looking for a candidate (former emacs user, on osx)


Also, what would be the steps toward opening up cursive actions to community development? (in clojure?) There’s a ton of structural editing commands from emacs that would be nice to have in cursive.


I have it bound to Cmd-]


I’d like to open up an API for that but I don’t have a clear roadmap to doing so yet.


It’s probably one of the easier parts to open up, though.


Yeah, it’s not the most pressing thing, just a nice-to-have. Do you want me to make an issue to track it or are you good?


Is anyone aware of why Cursive loses the ability to access env stuff? I’ve got a development profile with CLJ :env definitions. I create a run config, and it works. I switch branches and update lein deps, and they get lost. I can fiddle with the Run Configuration and sometimes get it to work again, but to be honest I’m not sure what makes it start working. Even delete/re-add of it sometimes doesn’t work.


Running a simple lein repl always gets them fine This is using the lein-environ/environ lib


Hm. I upgraded to environ 1.1.0, and that might have fixed it. Ignore this for now. I’ll re-report it if it happens again.