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@mfikes Thanks so much for talking with me a couple of days ago — and helping me get tubular running so I could run a Planck REPL. Super cool! I can type in the REPL window, but everytime I send a form to the REPL, I get a namespace error.. What do I type in the REPL to get in the correct namespace? Thx again!


( @mfikes — sorry I couldn’t upload screenshot here.. getting the “your storage space exceeded” error from Slack. :)


@genekim send the whole file or the ns form first


@genekim In Cursive, I usually do Tools > REPL > Switch REPL NS to Current File. This should issue an in-ns command, that you could also type directly into the REPL. It is also important to load the namespace that you want to work in either using Cursive’s Tools > REPL > Load File in REPL. This will issue a load-file, but you can invoke require directly in the REPL.


When I write Clojure, I often have several namespaces (particularly if following the functional core/imperative shell pattern). I know Cursive can do "run tests in current NS in repl", but can it do "Run all tests in module in REPL"?


how does cursive suggest namespaces? i just invalidated my cache and its still suggesting a namespace of a library that i removed a long time ago. eg i type in the REPL (d/ and its suggesting datascript.core which isn't anywhere in my code anymore


ah, it was still in my "External Libraries" deleted it and now i'm good


Not an answer but: I've also had the same issue. Used pedestal.logging :as log ages ago and then switched to When writing log/info it still sometimes aut-inserts the pedestal logging ns.