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hey Cursive people. How do you usually handle the conflict with Shift-Command-[ which is both “wrap with {}” and “Select Previous Tab” ?


@be9 I’m afraid if you use both of them, you’ll have to rebind one. Cursive needs a lot of shortcuts, and IntelliJ already uses lots too 😞


@cfleming yeah I get it, that’s why I’m asking. what are convenient rebindings in this case or is there a more powerful way to navigate between editor tabs


@be9 I have my tabs disabled and use command-e or command-shift-e to navigate to recent files instead.


I got that from the Cursive user guide which has a lot of great IntelliJ usage tips in general. Check out the “Getting Around” section for more help on navigation.


@cfleming Will the parinfer fix be shipped in the next stable version? Will it be released soon? I'll let my coworkers know when it gets into the stable version


@andre.peric Yes, it’ll be in the next version. The EAP should be out soon since there don’t seem to be major issues with it.