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Is there a way to pass Cursive the Java classpath string?


Simply adding a jar to :resource-paths in project.clj does not work.


@mbjarland It’s not at the moment, no. It’s tricky because I can’t say “align the values unless the key is wider than 20 chars, in which case don’t align that value”, it’s pretty all or nothing. cond often has some long keys (if it’s an expression or something) and that looks really weird and is annoying if you can’t disable it.


I’m going to revisit that and see if I can do anything, though.


@kenny Hmm, that should work I think. If you pass a full path rather than a relative one, does that work?


Hi @cfleming, just seen the comments in #boot. I thought Cursive didn't do anything with boot (I'm still using the boot lein generate stuff). The feature requests still seem to be open for boot support. Did I miss something?


@cfleming thanks. Could we use a disable comment ala disable inspection as intellij does for java/groovy/scala/x inspections. Then you could (if the feature is enabled in code formatting) format all cond/assoc/etc statements except when it is explicitly disabled with a special comment. At least in my code, it seems that the cases where I would like for this to happen are more frequent than the ones where I would like to disable it


@cfleming So if I add "/home/kenny/.m2/repository/org/clojure/clojure/1.9.0/clojure-1.9.0.jar" to my :resource-paths, everything is marked as cannot be resolved.


Does the Cursive IntelliJ Plugin provide assistance for running polyglot projects? For example, I have a Java Spring Boot project calling a method in my Clojure library. Everything works for me, I have Gradle configured to build the project, and I can run it with java -jar [myprogram.jar], except for running from an IntelliJ run configuration.