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Basic config question: how do I ensure that running leiningen tasks within Cursive/IntelliJ will pick up the environment variables set for Application or Clojure Application?


I guess I’m unsure where it’s reading from, aside from dumping (env) results to the log.


I use direnv and some tricks to get the output into IntelliJ but sometimes the values don’t stick.


I found some stale issues where my PATH had “$PATH” in it and some JSON was escaped for bash where IntelliJ doesn’t need it. Fun!


@briantrice That’s my bad, sorry - the lein run config needs an env vars section.


BTW re your earlier question, I’m still not quite sure what the problem is you’re suggesting a solution for. Can you give me an example of when you’d need editor support for a namespace that hasn’t been explicitly required?


@cfleming in the current case, I have Clojure backing an Om/ClojureScript application, and there are cases where I haven’t yet been able to make cljc code that synchronizes how callers and callees are meant to align across the implementation boundaries. Basically I need to say that “if you update a (de)serializer here, go visit there to ensure it matches”.


that is interesting! I think so?