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All of my projects in my monorepo are giving me a "Your project requires namespaces which need stubs to be generated" error. I'm sure that only recently started appearing. Is there any way I can dig further into it and find out what it's failing to generate?


I can start a debug REPL and breakpoints work ✓ I can start an nREPL in my program and Cursive will connect to it ✓ (nrepl/start-server :port 8087 :bind "") But I don’t know how to start my own nREPL and then use Cursive to set breakpoints. I believe that when Cursive starts a debug REPL, it has two connection points: the nREPL port and also a JDWP port. But when setting up a Run/Debug Configuration for a remote Clojure REPL there is no way to set a JDWP port—only the nREPL port. Is there a way to configure a “remote” REPL to support breakpoints?


@carr0t Does generating the stubs not work?


@carr0t I’ll be back online with more time to explain later on