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Cool. I was able to make it work with IntelliJ macros.


@dave.dixon that works great! I didn’t realize intellij had these. For others, I did Navigate -> Structural Movement -> Move Backwards out of Sexp followed by expand-selection.


Does cursive allow usage of parinfer "smart" mode?


@dave.dixon Not yet, although I’m working on it. I have it almost ready to go, but parinfer v3 has outstanding bugs which make smart mode fairly unusable in Cursive. Shaun has been busy recently but I’m hoping to work with him on fixing them soon.


Cool. It's a "nice-to-have", but it definitely needs to be unobtrusive.


BTW, one other suggestion from my time with atom/proto-repl is to make the code coloring a bit more granular. For instance, in cursive, pretty much all identifiers are colored as "symbols", but somehow the clojure plugin for atom separated things like top-level defintitions from parameters, let-bindings, etc. Not super important, but another nice-to-have at some point.


@dave.dixon Yeah, there are a couple of issues related to this, I definitely think there’s scope to do more there.