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@kenny That is very strange. Is your slf4j from your app or bundled with Datomic?


It looks like it’s getting the wrong version of slf4j somehow, do you have two versions on your classpath?


My projects are using v1.7.12 of both org.slf4j/slf4j-nop and org.slf4j/slf4j-api. I don't understand how this would affect stub generation.


Also interesting, I have no problem generating stubs for this project on my Ubuntu computer.


I don’t understand it either.


Which version of Datomic are you using? You’re on OSX when it’s failing?


Also, are you on Cursive 1.6.2-eap1?


I am using Datomic 0.9.5561.50. And yes, 1.6.3-eap1-2017.2.


It looks like there is a longer stacktrace but the only option on the error message is "show balloon" which opens up a huge dialog that I can't copy text from.


@kenny Can you do this: go to Help-&gt;Debug log settings… and add #cursive.stubs in the box there. Then repro the problem (refresh lein project is the easiest way) and then send me your log file?


hello, I would like to ask you fellow cursive users, do you guys experience from time to time (in my case a couple times a day), intellij seems to trigger a full re-index from nowhere? like, no big changes or anything, a lot of times just focus out/focus in, and then it goes, trigger a full re-index... not a huge issue, but certainly can breaks the flow... do you experience something like this?


I have a suspicious that it happens when CLJS gets compiled, even it going to a ignored folder, it seems doens't matter, intellij sometimes just decides to trigger a re-index, I just wanna know if it's just me or other people experience that too, how about you?


@wilkerlucio Not really. Though, make sure to add your JS output directory to the "ignored" directories in IntelliJ so it doesn't scan those (large) JS files.


it feels like (I know, feel is really unreliable...) its something like "oh, a lot of things seems to change, let's trigger a re-index just in case!"


but yeah, the JS out is ignored here, weird thing


@wilkerlucio I don't see a full reindex very often, usually only on IntelliJ version upgrades. You can get logs from IntelliJ which might give you a hint


humm, interesting, thanks @danielcompton, I'll try that next time it happens


@wilkerlucio Can you go to Help-&gt;Debug log categories…, add #com.intellij.openapi.project.DumbServiceImpl in the box, and then send me the log after it happens a couple of times?