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@cfleming It was enabled, tried to disable then enabled again but no use. Restarting idea doesn't help either. The option is there when I do alt+enter, indention pops up a dialog, resolution doesn't. I'm going to try to rebuild indexes in idea.


@cfleming No change after I rebuilt the indexes.


@skjutare Can you send a screenshot? Does it look like the one in #1666?


@skjutare Yes, thanks. But the “Resolve… as… ” option is there, right?


One thing to be sure of is that you have to press enter when you have it selected, not press right for the submenu.


That’s occasionally confusing.


@cfleming I do press enter on resolve, and nothing happens. Previously (other machine and IDEA version) I got options to select defn, let, def, but now the menu just disappears.


Hello! Is it a known issue that ClojureScript REPL outputs EDN as a string?


or is it something that should be changed in Figwheel? :thinking_face:


I've upgraded to Intellij 2017.2.3 today. Now I'm getting the error that there is no module specified for my clojure project. I haven't changed anything in my run config. My system is using the Cursive plugin built on 2017-08-04 21:36. There is a message at the bottom of the run config editor that says there is no Clojure jar attached to this module.


any idea what might be wrong here?

Joe R. Smith18:09:02

any updates on when parinfer v3 support will land? 🙂


@roman01la No, I’m not aware of that. How do you have your REPL configured?


@dealy No, it looks like something funky might have happened to your config during the update. If you open your run config and re-select the module (even if you just re-select the same one) does that fix the problem?


I wrote an update on the parinfer v3 integration here: