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How do you run clojure.main/repl in the cursive repl? When I try a window pops up asking for an input string. I have no clue what to enter or how to remove this window. Any ideas?


I'll see if a remote repl works for me. For now this should be a good work around. Í'll let you know if I have further issues. For now consider my previous question as solved


@richard-nagelmaeker I think the cursive repl would probably rely on nrepl


Hm. What governs this remote maven repo stuff? Cursive? Or the IntelliJ subsystem? I ask because my computers seem to forget the indexed repos all the time. Also, it tries to index the datomic repo that is PW protected. Does anyone else have these kinds of issues?


@richard-nagelmaeker When you’re configuring your REPL run configuration, there’s an option there “Use clojure.main in normal JVM process”


@erichmond The indexing is done by IntelliJ as part of the Maven plugin.


I’m not sure why it should forget the indexed repos, that’s very strange.


There is a possible workaround for the authentication issue here:, but I never got any feedback on whether it worked or not.


Thanks brother! I’ll look into this. Continued thanks for making Cursive! Incredible project.


@erichmond Thanks! I’m glad it’s working well for you 🙂