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Pablo Fernandez06:06:04

When I add a java-agent to my project, the REPL stops working. I added :java-agents [[ "3.40.0"]] and when I try to start the REPL I get: Error running REPL: resources\jars\\newrelic-agent.jar (The system cannot find the path specified). The jar is there. Any ideas what's going on?


@pupeno No, I’ve not seen that but I’ve never tried to use third-party agents either. Can you file an issue for that and I’ll look at it?

Pablo Fernandez10:06:42

How did you get the cursive icon next to your name?


It’s in the status message - I just chose an icon with no actual message.


Hello everyone! Is there an equivalent to the change signature refactoring for functions in cursive? Change signature does not work for me.


On the topic of "resolve as" for macros - I don't suppose we could get an option that follows the defmethod template? Or maybe I should just wait for the general solution?


you can do some manual overrides in the xml file it stores its stuff off at


the path on mac is /Users/<userid>/Library/Preferences/IdeaIC<intjversion>/options/ClojureResolveSettings.xml


and add an entry like <item key="your.namespace/custom-defmethod" resolves-as="clojure.core/defmethod" />


and restart intellij


now this is assuming clojure.core/defmethod is wired up right, i assume it is but i dont touch it much


i have a number of things set up like this and it works pretty well for me


G’day, I’m having issues creating a project from existing sources the first time it loads up. I go through the dialog, then get an IDE error about project “not being initialized”, SDK is not set up (despite being set through the creation window), and root directories are not marked as such. When I set the JDK manually and restart things are loaded properly but first time is like this for pretty much any project that I choose to create from an existing Leiningen repo in this way. Is this a known issue? I’m on the latest Ultimate 2017.1 version, running the latest stable Cursive plugin.


@U067BPAB1: how do you import an existing project? I used "Import project" The first time it suffered from "SDK not set up" issue and missing sources but everything was easily fixed by "Refresh Leiningen Projects"


File->New->Project from existing sources… That gives you a “wizard”-like dialog window where you actually get to pick an SDK as well, it just ends up being ignored it seems. I remember this working correctly in earlier versions of Idea/Cursive so maybe it just got broken later on. Nice to see a familiar face in here!


@U067BPAB1 Could you send a screenshot of the error you’re seeing?


@zylox That pretty much works. Only minor annoyance is that Cursive doesn't recognize the "method name" symbol, probably as it expects a declaration like defmulti somewhere else. Anyway, better that than having the args unresolved. Thanks for the tip.


no problem


@jkouros No, there isn’t yet, unfortunately