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not a big thing, but it'd be nice to add fn to the list of things you can resolve as. I'm using serializable.fn, which redefines fn. I've told it to resolve as defn, but it only works if I specify a name in my fn (generally _ of course).


@cfleming Shucks. Yeah I turned off map alignment because of destructuring woes. Well thanks for the response!


@terry.poot There’s a hack described in an issue comment which allows you to do that by hacking config files:


Not pretty, and I’m planning to add support for arbitrary functions in the UI, but it works for now if it’s a problem for you.


@potetm Yeah, the issue is that the formatter for most languages generally expects to be able to manipulate newlines, so the concept of “things which start on different lines” isn’t so clear-cut.


i’m following this guide for every new project - is there maybe a newer, better way?


You could us luminus to start your project, but it may give you more then you want, is you start it with clojurescript (or reagent, or re-frame) you get the config for figwheel for free.


will it create the "script/repl.clj" and add the run configuration?


Not exactly, it uses com.cemerick/piggieback to do some stuff, but you have a working webapp, with figwheel straight away. But you might want/need to remove some dependencies and code you will not be using. I hear from others they sometimes create there own ‘template’ from a prject, to use for other project.


@cfleming Thanks, I'll check it out!


@valyagolev There isn’t right now, but there will be very soon (~1 month, I hope)


how to re-generate stubs?