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Can I configure the layout of the REPL window whereas the output is displayed at the bottom and the input field at the top?


If you’re having problems with this, there are several fixes in the 1.5.0 EAPs, which are out now. I’m hoping to do a stable release next week sometime.


@basti No, unfortunately that’s not possible.

Lone Ranger01:03:50

having same issue 😅 not sure what I'm doing wrong

Lone Ranger02:03:44

okay, think I at least partly figured it out... I think it's just freaking out about macros

Lone Ranger02:03:13

(defn app-container [cursor component]
    (render [this]
      (dom/div nil
        (dom/h1 nil "Lab notebook")
        (dom/button #js {:className "btn btn-warning"
                         :onClick undo}
        (dom/span nil (str (count @apphistory)))
        (dom/div #js {:style #js {:marginTop "12px"}}
          (om/build item-table cursor))))))

Lone Ranger02:03:37

everywhere it says dom/whatever (this is for om) I'm getting the yellow syntax highlighting

Lone Ranger02:03:30

there's nothing defined in om.dom for those things so (new to Clojure, can't quite trace what happens when you call dom/whatever, it's just magic to me right now)


These functions are generated by macro.

Lone Ranger02:03:48

Or maybe I'm wrong and it just couldn't generate the stub code?

Lone Ranger02:03:45

okay... what I said apparently isn't entirely true since I just tried it with the om tutorial and it generated stubs just fine


Does Cursive support renaming directories and namespace names + requires alike?


Doesn’t seem so. Emacs it is 😉


does Cursive work with Intellij 2017.1?


I looked around at the mailing list and I didn’t see anything obvious


I just upgraded IntelliJ and then it said my Cursive upgrade period is over :-S


I’m hardly using it anyway, but I bought a license just to support the amazing work in this area 😄


@dnolen: seems to work, have been running it for a day or two with no problems


Yup works in 2017.1 just fine here


cool making the jump then 🙂


@borkdude No, that’s next on my refactoring list.


@goomba I posted a link above which explains how the stubs work. There are some problems with them which are (hopefully) fixed in the latest series of EAP builds. They should be stable next week.

Lone Ranger19:03:50

Great, thank you. You did cursive? Impressive and daunting task. Take all my money!!


@goomba I only need a small bit of it, thanks 🙂