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Pablo Fernandez07:01:36

@cfleming I renewed my license and it went smooth, without any issues.


@cfleming greetings! is there a way to change style of a "form at caret"? e.g. make it bold, like here:*D1AFTkwdK3KElSLTRB0fog.png


@misha that's a nice idea


@misha was that his suggestion originally?


ok; highlighting matching braces is obvious, but I'd never considered how useful highlighting the current expr would be


@cemerick: changing background color is known too, but making text bold is surprisingly helpful and pleasantly looking


having trouble getting a vanilla cljs repl (no figwheel) up and running. I created a repl configuration with the use clojure.main in a normal jvm process option with the added before launch step of synchronize leiningen projects. after booting my repl and switching from clj to cljs evaluation, I tried evaulating an ns declaration. unfortunately, none of my dependencies seem to be on the classpath (e.g. FileNotFoundException Could not locate goog/events__init.class or goog/events.clj on classpath. clojure.lang.RT.load ( do I need to do anything special to expose those? am I missing something completely about how cursive supports cljs?


@cemerick @misha Looks like this was requested a while ago: The bold is nice though.


I’m also planning to add the ability to highlight then and else clauses of if statements differently.


@mss I think that should work. Can you see ClojureScript as a dependency in your project view under External Dependencies? Also, does it appear in the classpath that’s printed at REPL startup?


thanks for the tip. so when running Analyze -> Analyze Dependencies, cljs/core appears as a Production Class. also appears in the classpath printed at repl startup


the vanilla cljs file requires work fine btw. e.g. pprint can be invoked in an ns declaration no problem


it’s my other cljs dependencies (pulled down via lein) and deps of deps (closure libs e.g. that the editor can’t seem to resolve


@cfleming you’ve probably been extremely busy with renewal site lately, but is there any progress or roughly idea when it would be done on roadmap effort we discussed on Clojure Conj? 🙂


fwiw the error seems to suggest it’s trying to load my cljs deps as clj deps (hence the init.class and filename.clj on classpath message)


don’t know why the cljs repl would assume that those deps (which are js) would expose files like that


@mss sorry I’m babysitting right now, I’ll look in detail later. Is your project somewhere I can look at it?


no worries, appreciate the help whenever you can get to it. unfortunately the source isn't easily perusable, but will dm you steps to reproduce as best as I can