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Is there a way to treat a build.boot file as a Clojure one?


So I can get syntax highlighting and paredit


@danielcompton Currently it’s a bit nasty - I think you have to map .boot files to Clojure, and then put build.boot inside a source root and symlink it to the root of the project.


Cool, that's in Preferences > Editor > File Types for anyone else following along


FWIW boot support will probably be the next major functionality I add to Cursive


@cfleming how can I renew my license? I looked it up and have purchased a commercial license on 2015-12-10 but didn't receive a request for renewal?


If I try to create a run configuration for my frontend app, it fails unless I launch it as a regular JVM process. I tried configuring it as a leiningen project like so: Run -> Run... Clojure REPL -> Local Run nREPL with Leiningen Project: <myproject:0.1.0-SNAPSHOT Profile: base,dev Parameters: dev/repl.clj No environment variables set, working dir cannot be changed (but is set to the root of the source code directory). I get the following error out of that...


@stijn You’ll be able to soon - I extended the current update period to 10 Jan for anyone whose licence period ended earlier than that:


Basically, for non-work reasons I didn’t have the renewal functionality done - I’m just finishing it off now.


@pseud That’s odd. cljsbuild is not on your classpath. I’m not sure it should be though - is it there if you do lein classpath?


Does your dev/repl.clj invoke it somehow, and pull in that dep using some lein mechanism?


True enough, lein classpath |grep cljsb didn't return anything (had to grep as the regular input was a large, unreadable block of text


@stijn I’ll let you know when you can beta test 🙂


@pseud So the question is, why is the REPL trying to find it? I’m not sure about that. You could try debugging the process and breaking on FileNotFoundException, and looking up the stack frames to see which namespace it’s trying to load.


Well, it works nicely enough if I configure the project to run as a regular JVM process. Ditto if I just issue lein repl. Is Cursive trying to be clever somehow ?


Well, there’s all sorts of cleverness there, but mostly to try to make the Cursive REPL do what lein repl does.