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@pupeno I'd also appreciate a full REPL in a debugging session instead of a modal dialog bog but that'd probably be a ton of work. Plus data inspection is better within that dialog box right now. That'd be a nice thing to have in the REPL all the time of course, like in firebug output or chrome dev tools


@katox I’d be interested to see that, because it’s not a JetBrains limitation, it’s a JDI limitation. The JVM debugging API is intrinsically line based.


IntelliJ does do some tricks in recent versions to fake it somewhat, but it’s a little ugly.


@cfleming It could be a hack, but I think it's still there. See


Earlier we talked about the heap size bar in the bottom right corner not displaying the correct number for allocated RAM. Today I noticed that it is showing roughly the correct number on my Macbook. Previously I was on my Ubuntu machine. Possibly a bug in the Linux IntelliJ build?


@kenny I don’t think so, because I see the same number that you were seeing on my Mac


I meant to reach out to JetBrains about that but haven’t so far


@katox Interesting. IntelliJ also provides something like that in recent builds, which helps with Java 8 etc. I haven’t had time to investigate how it works, though. JVM bytecode still only contains line numbers AFAIK, even in Java 8


btw my IDEA linux bottom bar shows "198 or 1981M" (2016.3 EAP)


@katox Any problem with the 2016.3 update? i wonder if I should upgrade.


@yonatanel it works fine on my machine


So when I use ^ after a def my symbol doesn't get indented at all:

(def ^:x
which is slightly annoying. Is this a bug?