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Does anyone know where to configure/tell cursive where the source code is for a library dependency? I need to step into some code in a (clojure) library and can download the code from github, etc. Currently stepping into the code puts me into a callstack that shows the line numbers but not the code. AFAIK the library is not AOT compiled… Should I use a checkout directory?


I can step just fine into other libraries such as compojure, etc.


Is it a know limitation that REPLs with Use clojure.main in normal JVM process don’t have syntax highlighting/prettyprint of output?


@kahunamoore I don't think there's a way to do this right now. What's the dependency that doesn't have source? If it's not AOT compiled, Cursive should just find the source.


@vikeri Yes it is. This is because it's a streaming style REPL, i.e. the REPL values just come over stdout like all the other process output, and there's no good way to distinguish them.


If you're using that REPL style for CLJS, I'm planning a better option for that (hopefully very soon) which will work like the CLJ REPL.


Anyone know what the current status of Boot support for Cursive is?


I’m outnumbered on people wanting to use Cursive and I’m wondering whats the best practice for integrating Boot with Cursive.


It's a little clunky I'm afraid, but it seems to work ok.


Hi! I’ve had a problem for a while that I kinda just ignored by bypassing it but I wanted to ask anyways. It seems that if I include something like in my project file :repl {:injections [(user/hints) (api.hooks/abordage!)]}. Intellij will completely stop working and just hang whenever I restart the editor. The Intellij log shows nothing and there is no way to get out of that state unless you delete the .idea folder on that project and re import the project without the stuff in :injections


Btw it seems that the call to user/hints is fine


the call to api.hooks/abordage! is the one that is causing this dissaster :S and it only causes this on intellij restart lein repl works just fine