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Tried uninstalling and reinstalling Intellij, latest Ultimate edition (porting over my old settings file so I don't have to re-register), go to settings, browse repositories, install cursive plugin -- it downloads for a while and then nothing happens. Can't install Cursive.


@puzzler That’s not good. The latest stable version should be 1.3.1.


I used to get a lot of flakiness when I was using my own repo, but since I’ve switched to using the JetBrains one, it’s been stable.


1.3.1 isn't even showing up when I try to browse repositories. Is there any way to force it to look in the right place?


If you go to Settings->Plugins->Browse Repositories and press refresh, that doesn’t pick up 1.3.1?


Based on your comment, I just went into "Manage Repositories", and I see the following entry under custom repositories:


If you go to Manage Repositories from Browse Repositories, do you have any plugin repositories registered there?


Ok, if you remove that, hopefully things will work.


That should have been removed automatically though, I’ll check that.


So far, so good, it's asking me to restart...


Seems to be working now. Thanks.


Is there a change log so I can understand what's changed recently with the plugin?


I especially want to know if there have been any changes surrounding the launching of the REPL and setting up configurations, as the last version I worked with had some extra entries that were confusing and not useful.


Actually, I don’t have a good change log in a single place, I’ve been meaning to add one. The best source for change updates is the mailing list archive: I post information about new versions there but I have not put them all in a single place yet.


However I don’t think those REPL entries have changed recently.


I recently updated my JDK as well. Where do I need to go to make sure the REPL is using the latest JDK on my system?


Never mind, found it by trying to create a new project.


How do I force cursive to reload the "external libraries"? I'm having to do "lein deps" from a command line to pick up new snapshots from clojars, and when I updated the version of clojure in my project file, the Cursive project external libs still shows old version.


@puzzler In the Leiningen window, press the refresh button, or search for the “Refresh Leiningen Projects” action using Cmd-Shift-A or Ctrl-Shift-A


Thanks. Didn't notice that window existed.


I’m planning a notification for that with a link to refresh them right away, since it’s a common source of confusion.


Have you played around with 1.9 much in Cursive? When something like defn or let fail during compilation of a file due to non-conformance to the corresponding Clojure specs for those macros, no location is reported so it's extremely difficult to figure out what the error is referring to.


No, I haven’t. Is that a problem with Cursive or with spec? Is Cursive masking location info somehow?


Not sure, this is the first time I've tried it.


I’ve heard several people comment that the spec messages are hard to decipher. I haven’t played around with it enough myself to know yet.

Alex Miller (Clojure team)12:10:45

Macro spec errors do throw with file/line/col info so there shouldn't be any reason they can't be located


With smart parens turned off, is there any way to enter a multi-line input at the REPL?


@alexmiller Does it throw file/line/col info when the problem is in Clojure code from a jar file listed as a dependency? That's the context in which I was having a problem, where the REPL couldn't even start because the Clojure compiler was throwing an error while starting everything up and compiling and loading all the dependencies.

Alex Miller (Clojure team)12:10:11

regardless of when you’re compiling or where the source resides, the error thrown is a CompilerException that carries file/line/col info


@puzzler: not sure the shortcut on other platforms, but on my windows machine ctrl-enter allows multi line input with smart-parens off - so there must be a shortcut you can define. Can't check right now, but if you can't find it let me know and I can see what command it's bound to.


@shaun-mahood I'm also on Windows. In my keymap settings, Enter is bound to Execute current statement in one-line console and Ctrl-Enter is bound to Execute current statement in multi-line console. But they both do the same thing in the REPL window, which is to immediately send whatever I've typed on the first line to the nREPL server for evaluation. So yes, I'd be interested to know how you have it set up. I couldn't find any other "Execute" commands available in the keymap options.