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Rachel Westmacott08:09:35

I’ve just noticed that if I rename a (deftest …) form then re-running the tests at the REPL appears to run all the tests twice (once per name). Obviously not a big deal, though.


just means you’re twice as sure it ran troll


Well, it can be a problem as you could be changing the assertions as well. It also happens if you delete a deftest you've already run in the repl - run all tests in ns will keep executing it. If you use the reloaded workflow though, you can call (refresh) and it will get rid of symbols no longer in the file.


has anyone used cursive with lein-sub or lein-modules?


suggestion: all the useful actions (paredit, repl interaction, tests) able to be bound to some opinionated set of default keybindings. mine and my co-workers keybindings are rapidly diverging


is cursive meant to support lein’s syntax for private repository credentials stored in environment variables? when I have e.g.

:username  :env/artifactory_user
:password  :env/artifactory_password
i get “dependency resolution error” while subbing in the values works


seems to be intermittent


@danboykis Any 2016.2.x should be safe. I haven’t got 2016.3.x EAP support in there yet.


@peterwestmacott I suspect that’s because Cursive doesn’t completely replace the test namespace, it just loads it. So you’ll get a var with your new name, and still have a var with the old name hanging around.


@imre When I was doing the last big round of lein changes, I tested lein-modules pretty well - immutant works, for example, which is the canonical lein-modules project.


@bfabry Yes, I’m planning to just have default bindings for everything soon. I’ll send out the ones I’m planning to choose for feedback before making it definitive.


@spieden I’d need to check that - I think it does, but IntelliJ probably doesn’t see env vars you have defined.


@cfleming i’m setting them on the mac via e.g.

launchctl setenv ARTIFACTORY_USER deploy


could be that it’s not seeing them though — can’t think of a way to check


it really surprises me that there's no way to auto discover external library javadoc url's in intellij. we bring in the google cloud stack, that's like 50 jars, I have to set a url for every one? what the fuck java ecosystem


@bfabry you mean clicking the little “download” link in the banner across the top of the editor?


i think if you precached them all via maven it would pick them up


so maybe

lein pom
mvn dependency:sources


ah ok so that builds the javadocs and hosts them locally? that'll do. I think I was expecting it to be more internet centric, but I guess I'm forgetting java is pretty old 🙂


no building involved, it just checks your maven cache for jars containing the source code corresponding to the compiled code you’re trying to get docs for and gives you that prompt if they’re not there


right. I think the confusion here is I very rarely navigate to source, I just hit up documentation (official stuff like google jars have good doco) so I never see the download link. hitting f1 just gives you the javadocs, but if you have never cached the jar it just gives you a sig


but if you navigate to definition, click the download button, suddenly all the f1 popups are detailed 🙂


for projects that only publish docs and not full source i think you can do this:

mvn dependency:resolve -Dclassifier=javadoc


awesome, cheers


anyway to debug a cljs app running via figwheel?