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Say, I’m still a little baffled about what the right thing to do is when I have a leiningen checkout dependency (link from my-parent/checkouts/my-child to the root of the my-child project, which has a distinct git repo) and IntelliJ warns me about “Unregistered VCS root detected”. I have options for “Add root”, “Configure”, “Ignore”. What happens if I “add root”?


@timgilbert If you go to Settings-&gt;Version Control, you’ll see how the roots work. It basically maps a directory within the project to a VCS type. So if you Add root, it will simply register my-parent/checkouts/my-child as a Git repo, and will let you modify files, diff, commit etc. If you’re editing files in my-child while working on my-parent (which presumably you are, otherwise you wouldn’t be using checkouts) you probably want this.


Either way, if you find it’s not what you want, you can always remove the root later and ignore it from that settings pane.


Awesome, thanks for the explanation @cfleming


anyone know why I would have a thing where if I have a non-clojure file open it takes over the whole screen and the clojure files get hidden behind it?