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@sandbags: That’s to prevent people from accidentally sending code to the wrong REPL, which happened a lot.


You can always cut+paste the code to the REPL editor in case of emergency

Pablo Fernandez08:08:31

In this snippet of code:

Pablo Fernandez08:08:38

What’s the paraedit way of pushing the let inside the function definition?


@pupeno: I don’t think there’s a good way to do that, unfortunately. I’d kill the fn [data], raise the (assoc-in… and then wrap the whole thing and paste the fn [data] again. Not very elegant. Paredit proper has transpose-sexp which I think does that, but I couldn’t find any useful examples online of how it should work.


Just generated some stubs.... Unsuccessfully. Gave me a few errors at first, which I fixed. Eventually only gave me warnings and the window "note" (at the top) for generating stubs disappeared. But it seems to not do any "Quick Doc" for Datomic. Do I have to do anything else?


@rauh: You shouldn’t, no. Could you try closing and opening your project? I’ve seen a couple of issues where IJ doesn’t pick up new stubs.


@cfleming: A restart just broke about everything in IJ, it's loading and then just not displaying anything besided the top menu


Invalidate and restart fixed it. Now checking the stubs. Edit: Quick docs works. YES! 🙂


@rauh: Well, I’m sorry about the restart issue, but I’m glad it’s working! I have to figure out a reliable way to ensure the stubs are picked up after being added.