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@hlship: You mean you’d like to be able to define the keystroke when defining the command? That makes sense, sure. I’m also not sure what the special care part means, do you mean support for saying “All my keystrokes should be prefixed with alt-z”?


@cfleming: Here’s a snippet. Screenshot with red underlines to follow:

(def my-trans
    (mapcat vals)
    (map second)))

; My transducer
(def my-transducer
    (mapcat vals)
    (map second)))


I just issued a PR to get solarized rainbow parens when using Cursive w/ solarized:


You can, of course, add the diff into your own ~/Library/Preferences/IdeaIC2016.2/colors/Solarized*.icls files and restart to get them now.


Ok, I fixed ☝️ by setting src/java as a source dir in Project Structure.


@rob: If you do it manually like that, Cursive will overwrite it when it syncs your project. But if you’ve added it to your project.clj, Cursive should mark that dir as a source root anyway.


One thing - after adding the value to :java-source-paths you have to sync your project.clj, if you didn’t do that things should just work now it’s set.


ah excellent, I didn’t do that, as I wasn’t aware that operation — I’ll check it out, thanks!