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@cfleming: It was definitely my fault. You really do need to grab the project.clj file on import or it “looks” kind of like it works (a bunch of dialogs whiz by) but the project is hosed, just as you saw.


@wasser: That’s really weird - I’ve never seen that. If you can remember the steps to import like that I’d like to reproduce it and fix it, but if not no worries, it’s clearly not a common thing.


@cfleming: It’s really all on me. And some not-so-great UX/UI. When I imported the “lein new …” project I wasn’t paying attention and selected the project FOLDER, not the project.clj file (the “Select File or Directory to Import” dialog says you can do this!) Intelli-J then dutifully started the import which its not-so-great. Next, Next, Finish…Boring. I didn’t notice that the 3 steps (not 4) weren’t the right ones. Just that there were the expected 3 (or 4, I wasn’t paying attention). Unfortunately, choosing the folder doesn’t build the project correctly. You don’t get the Java/Clojure dependencies. You MUST select the project.clj file! The intermediate dialogs for the project build ARE different, but we quickly get trained to just click “Next,” so we don’t pay enough attention. Lesson here: I need to pay more attention. And UX MATTERS!


@wasser: That’s definitely a bug, not a user problem - you should never be able to create web modules for Clojure projects. I’ll try to reproduce this.