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@wasser: I can’t think of anything that should cause that. Can you send a copy of your log (Help-&gt;Show log in Finder/Explorer) to <mailto:[email protected]|[email protected]>?


@rodeorockstar: That’s somewhat inevitable unfortunately - the problem is that let is what actually appears in the code, and that’s the width the formatting uses. It can’t use the folded text width, because if you unfold it then your formatting would be bad as well. You’ll see the same in Java when it folds e.g. lambdas etc.


@sashton: You should be able to achieve that easily. "One space list indent” only applies when there’s no other formatting configuration for a form. So turn that on, and str (and any other function) should be formatted as in your example. Macro forms that Cursive knows about out of the box should be indented correctly with 2 spaces, and new ones like your with-body you can configure the formatting for as described at the bottom of the page here:


@cfleming. The full log is on its way.


@wasser: Thanks. Could you check a couple of things - open File->Project Structure->Modules->your module->Dependencies and check that the module you’re trying to use to run your REPL has Clojure attached to it?


Using garden (css generator) I keep getting Dependency cycle [units.cljc -> units.cljc -> units.cljc] when I want to Sync files in repl


@rauh: Can you file an issue for that, and I’ll look at it? I thought I’d fixed that issue with cljc


Thanks @cfleming. I wasn't aware that the symbols with custom indentation would use 2 spaces in that case. Looks good.


@cfleming I’m not seeing “Dependencies” listed anywhere on that dialog. Am I looking in the wrong place?


@wasser: So that’s your problem, I think. How did you import this project? It looks like the module type is wrong, perhaps a web module or something?


Oh right, you said that this worked and now does not, right?


If you look in your module *.iml file (mine is at .idea/modules/cursive.iml) you should see something like this:

<module"cursive" external.linked.project.path="$MODULE_DIR$/../.." external.root.project.path="$MODULE_DIR$/../..""GRADLE""com.cursive-ide" external.system.module.version="1.3.0-eap2-2016.2" type=“JAVA_MODULE" version="4”>


In particular, you want to see the type=“JAVA_MODULE”


@cfleming not sure how, but looked like it was set to a web_module. I re-imported and it's working now. Let me see if it's he same in some of the other project I had trouble with.


@cfleming: I made extra sure to click the project.clj file when I did the import this time. I'll test a few other thing to see how I got it wrong.


@wasser: That is really strange. Fortunately the fix is easy!


@cfleming: with your help. Thanks!


No worries!


@wasser: I’m going to put a popup warning if you’re editing Clojure code under a non-Java module, which would make this more obvious.