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Yes, CLJC needs some love, definitely.


I’m a big fan of the Cursive and was looking for a little help to reduce the repetitiveness of obtaining a REPL … I’m always creating a new REPL in each project and sometimes that’s OK (cos I want to set up specific env vars for example) but often I just want to code there. Do I just put up with a trivial amount of drudgery, for I know that’s what it is, or is there a more slick way of doing this that I’m unaware of?


@raymcdermott: The easiest way, I think, is to right-click project.clj in the project view and select “Run REPL for <project>"


I’m also planning to make a change that will automatically create a default REPL config when a lein project is created or imported.


Boom - awesome, thanks @cfleming! I even see that shortcuts to Ctrl-Shift-R on my system :the_horns:


And yes a default REPL would be a bonus


No doubt - that’s on my list as part of making the getting started experience better.