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@sveri: don’t have a screenshot handy at the mo, but it is something like “Method cannot be evaluated ..."


Interesting, never seen that before 🙂


@danielcompton: That sounds like you might have a line breakpoint with a condition?


Yep I’ve got those too


Could one of those conditions cause that error?


Don’t think so, the condition was just (= token 2)


Ok, well, send over a screenshot if it happens again, hopefully I’ll recognise what’s going on.

Petrus Theron15:05:40

How do I get Cursive to reload my source files in the connected REPL? When I “Load file in REPL”, it does not seem to actually load the file I’m working on, but it shows some warnings about replaced symbols.

Petrus Theron15:05:19

Sometimes Cursive refuses to switch to the NS of the file I’m working in. Is it because there is a bug in my code?

Petrus Theron15:05:32

…maybe these two issues are related to my environment or project.


there is a command called reload modified files or something similar, have you tried that one?

Petrus Theron16:05:32

Yeah same thing happens when I call “Sync files in REPL…” It shows the following:

Loading src/my-project/data/queries.clj... 
WARNING: update already refers to: #'clojure.core/update in namespace:, being replaced by: #'honeysql.helpers/update
WARNING: partition-by already refers to: #'clojure.core/partition-by in namespace:, being replaced by: #'honeysql-postgres.helpers/partition-by
and then stops. It’s like it’s failing silently. Is there a hidden Cursive log somewhere?

Petrus Theron16:05:32

Think I figured it out. One of my namespaces’ require was quietly failing to import a symbol. When I took out the broken :refer, everything seemed to start working again.

Petrus Theron16:05:02

Hmm, maybe spoke too soon


@petrus: That error means you’re defining functions called update and partition-by, which override functions in core. It’s not a Cursive error, you’d get the same in lein repl. You can avoid the errors using (:refer-clojure :exclude [update partition-by]) in your ns form, or rename those functions.


Cursive will have loaded your namespace, but it doesn’t show the “done” part of the loading message if there have been errors or warnings.