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hi, I have a question regarding Cursive + Figwheel + Reagent integration


I followed the guide and for project generated by “lein new figwheel” it works basically ok


however, for project generated by “lein new reagent” it doesn’t seem to work well - the figwheel repl is not able to connect to the browser - and I can’t figure why


Oddly enough, I if run another figwheel repl via “lein figwheel” in console, the Cursive repl is able to connect - however, after I stop the figwheel running in console and restart Cursive REPL the browser keeps complaining:

ClojureScript has not been compiled!

please run lein figwheel in order to start the compiler


@jumar: The reagent template profile.clj contains a lot of stuff. Maybe start out with the figwheel template instead, and then add the stuff you need when you need?


yeah, that’s definitely an option - however, I just want to try some reagent hello world and check how it works with figwheel


I required [cljsjs.reactable] in a clojurescript namespace. Subsequently hovering over Reactable.Table ( from the required library ) invokes the message "This object cannot be resolved." Otherwise the program works as expected. Is this expected behaviour because it is an external javascript library?


@cfleming: I’m working on the Cursive REPL integration with Dirac: (teaser) my current problem is that after joining a Dirac session in Cursive (which effectively turns it into ClojureScript REPL), Cursive still thinks it is a normal Clojure REPL. What is the mechanism which determines/triggers Cursive to treat the REPL as CLSJ REPL?


@darwin: It’s done by pattern matching on the output. It’s hard-coded right now, but I had planned to expose that in config.


good, I could probably trigger that pattern match for now


Looks great BTW simple_smile


Let me check the conditions, one sec


Currently it searches for "Type :cljs/quit to stop the ClojureScript REPL” or "To quit, type: :cljs/quit"


Ugh, I can’t escape the markdown in Slack - in the first message there are backticks


thanks, will try to print those upon joining