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@lsenta: Not right now sorry, various solutions for this coming shortly.


@keeth: There was a change recently which affected the Cursive actions, such as Load file in REPL and Sync files in REPL. However Cursive shouldn’t be able to affect how require works, unless the classpath has changed.


@keeth: If you’re not using the Cursive actions, let me know and we can figure it out.


@cfleming: I'll be patient then, thanks! a few notes: - In the various discussion about the subject, I haven't seen a comment on the fact that the autocomplete works from the REPL, wouldn't that be "easy" to pull this info, relative to other solutions? That'd solve 90% of my needs. - Same thing for macro-expansion, Cursive's window is very handy but won't work in the editor, I have to resort to the REPL, could it pull the info from there?


(I know the namespace might be filled with REPL-defined function that you don't want to autocomplete, but a simple "REPL" marker on the auto-complete line would avoid any confusion)