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@cfleming: any plans to build a unified search feature in Cursive? files, symbols, and namespaces . Would be really nice to have. (Intellij's search everywhere does not do this right now)


@grav I was going to mention *print-length* and *print-level*, but unfortunately they don't seem to do anything in Cursive. Would be nice if it were possible though.


@solicode: I wonder that *print-length* and *print-level* don’t do anything, that should be Clojure’s runtime setting not Cursive’s - unless Cursive is redefining those for each evaluation


Hmm, this is odd. I wonder if a recent update fixed the issue. It actually seems to be working for me now


I’m not actually sure what I was seeing. Anyway, so I guess all that would be needed is to have a way to set default values for options like these. There seems to be an issue for it:


Or just put it in user.clj


for now at least


I’m having trouble understanding when Cursive and the REPL have “Send top form to REPL” activated vs. “Send form before carat to REPL” Just want to build some muscle memory/keyboard shortcuts around having the cursor on a certain line and being able to send it to the REPL and/or selecting a function and having it sent to the REPL