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so I am not the only one, who got undo/redo messed up due to parinfer?


@misha: no, but that should be fixed in the release yesterday


any way to limit the output of an expression in the repl? For instance, my repl is currently printing the 28000 datoms I just transacted.


And now IDEA stalled.


oh … and it forgot the last repl session when I restarted it. dammit.


sorry for whining here 😉


@grav there is a stop process button or something similar in the repl window


yes, but when the processing is over, and it’s just returning the output of the expression, there seems to be no stopping it, ie the button doesn’t do anything


Ah, well, that might be true. Too bad. xkill could be your friend then 😄


For some reason when clicking the “Refresh Leiningen Project” button in the Leiningen panel I get a message saying “Dependency resolution error Error synchronising myproject: Could not find artifact mydependency:0.5.1 in central (”. This dependency is installed in my local maven repo (it was pulled in from boot). What’s interesting is that when I look in my local maven repository under myproject I see version 0.5.1 does not appear in maven-metadata-local.xml, however, it does appear in maven-metadata-.xml. Any thoughts on how to fix this?