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Hey, Cmd-Return is the Cursive keymap default for Execute current statement on Mac, but on my installation, this results in a carriage return as kind of expected. Am I missing something in keymap settings?


have you set it in your keymap, or do you just see it in clojure keybindings?


Hi! I'm trying follow om-next quick start with cursive and I have a couple of questions: 1) IDEA complains that my files are not under a source root 2) is there a recent guide on how to setup figwheel to work with cursive and om next?


ok, I've solved 1 😄


I'm following this for n.2, but idea gives me an error "Error creating JavaParameters"


perhaps #C0B22RS2Y might helpful on that front?


@arijun: I believe so, I copied the default OSX Keybindings to one named Clojure, and then applied Cursive keybinds to that...


The apply isn’t enabled when I set cursive, but is when I set emacs? However, shift cmd f9 wraps with parens so must be working.


If go to keymap, next to the search box there should be a magnifying glass with keys overlayed on it. You can enter your shortcut there and see what is taking it--I would guess it's Split line


@arijun: trying to find keymap. searching for keymap only brings up clojure keybindngs


it's not the parent of Clojure Keybindings?


So I’ve removed the split line keybinding within editor. I’m presuming when I choose cmd+enter, it should execute the line in the repl?


TBH I'm not quite sure what "execute current statement" is supposed to do--it's greyed out as an option for me


other actions are working though simple_smile thanks


I usually use "send top form to REPL"


Oh I figured out what it is--if you're in the REPL inside of a sexp, hitting enter will make a newline, but Execute current statement will always execute it.


@arijun: YES! That’s it. Thank you. I’ve been using cursive for a few months and brain has been the bottleneck rather than keys, and tonight I decided to learn some shortcuts


@arijun: cheers for help, flying along now using that command all the time - didnt know it existed :)


glad to help simple_smile


@doddenino: That error normally means that you don’t have an SDK configured for your project. Open Project Structure and create one if required, that should fix that problem.


@paulspencerwilliams: @arijun: That’s right, Execute current statement is only used in the REPL editor. Normally it wouldn’t be shown, but a few people wanted to customise the keybinding for it, which meant making it visible. Sorry for the confusion, I’ll think about a way to make that more obvious.


@cfleming: thanks, I'll look into that!