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I've run into an updated project.clj not loading the updated dependencies in cursive's "External Libraries". This is after performing a lein clean and lein deps (at the terminal, not in cursive). Is this a known problem or is it possible I have something else messed up in my project(s)?


This results in when I do a CLJS build in cursive the old dependency shows up, but when doing the build from the command line all is fine.


@cfleming: Is there any news about support for inline REPL results? Before you’ve said that you’re waiting for JetBrains to add better support for in-editor pop-up widgets, so I was wondering if there has there been any progress in that area with IDEA 16?


@bplatz: not sure this will help you, but I usually need to go to the leiningen tab on the right side of intellij and hit the "refresh" button to pick up new library dependencies


@bplatz I've had this same problem as well. Restarting IntelliJ seems to be the only fix for me most of the time. Also for some reason in IntelliJ 14 this would happen to me when somehow lein would get disassociated with intellij. On restart, it would ask me to restore the association. I haven't seen it happen in IntelliJ 15/since I updated cursive last, but I'm still having problems picking up new dependencies even with a refresh on project.clj, repl stop/start, etc. I'm on OSX latest and I think I've had the problem on my other linux work machine as well.


@bplatz: @hugesandwich: Is this always with CLJS deps? I’ve never seen it, but I only use CLJS for testing. Does it happen with particular deps or randomly for all deps?


@james: Sadly, nothing changed in v15 on that front. I was planning to do the work myself and send them a PR, but I never got time.


@bplatz: You mention a problem when you do a CLJS build in Cursive, but Cursive doesn’t provide any CLJS build functionality. How exactly does the problem manifest?


I've only noticed it with cljs. I run a repl script, clojure.main.


But if you open up the External Libraries you see the old versions there. Restarting does fix it.


Running the same script from a terminal window does build correctly, only when it is run from inside IntelliJ does it still include the old dependency versions.


@bplatz: Ok, and refreshing in the leiningen toolwindow doesn’t help?


@cfleming: and nothing in v16 EAP either?


@james: I haven’t checked that yet


I actually spoke to the JetBrains guy responsible for it, I’ll check with him.


@cfleming: I need to try the refresh, I think I tried it the first time it happened but I can't recall. I'll give it a shot next time I can reproduce it and let you know.


@bplatz: Thanks - I believe that should work, and it’s definitely a bug if it doesn’t. Note that you’ll need to restart your REPL too.