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@snowell: Sorry about the delay - do you see that error in your log? Help-&gt;Show Log in Finder/Explorer


@snowell: One other thing to check - the project SDK can be overridden at the module level. Can you check in File-&gt;Project Structure-&gt;Modules-&gt;[your module]-&gt;Dependencies and check that the Module SDK is set to delegate to the Project SDK?


@akiel: What sort of errors would you like to see?


@cfleming: Just the same as for clojure. Unknown symbols and such. I see this for explicit cljs blocks already but the common blocks default to clojure. I just want to switch into a cljs default mode.


The cljc support is on my list to get some serious love soon, I’ll look into that.


It would actually be nice to have a preview mode which shows what the file should look like in one language or the other.


@cfleming: No error is appearing in idea.log, just in the Event Log window in the IDE. Also, the module is (unfortunately) delegating to the Project SDK. If there is anything else I could send to help, please let me know!


It’s not the biggest deal, as I can make the regular nREPL work, or just have a lein repl running in a terminal window. At this point it’s just the desire to know what’s going on. Also, no need to apologize for any delay. An 18hr time difference will do that 😄