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I see there's a section on the boot wiki for Cursive users. Is anybody using boot with Cursive? If so, how's it been? Any problems? I'm liking the look of second edition and thinking of giving the tutorials a try.


I use boot with Cursive, sure.


I haven't updated my boot stuff in a while so I'm not on the latest.


Unless things have changed, basically cursive does not understand boot so you need to create a minimal project.clj file in the Lein style that cursive knows how to work with. There is a boot utility that can create said file from a boot project.


It's a hack, but a simple and useful one. Not much of a hassle.


And its a decent compromise. Cursive just needs to know what code you depend on and lein is a monolithic approach so they go together well. Boot is much more composition oriented and very flexible so boot scripts can be combined in a wide variety of ways that could easily confuse the heck out of cursive. So just create a project.clj file that contains every dependency you need to please cursive. I like to just keep things simple.


@simax99: ^ a bit of a late reply but all the same... simple_smile


@meow: Thanks for the tips. To me it seems there is just less “magic” with boot. You can see exactly whats going on. Looking forward to giving at spin.


@simax99: Yeah, I just started using clojure about 8 months ago and boot was out there and looked like a good design so I learned boot fairly well and then just enough of Lein that I can get things done. You definitely have to understand boot at a conceptual level and there was a learning curve for me, partly due to not having enough experience with clojure or even functional programming. Fortunately, I have to say that the boot folks are super, super helpful and supportive. If you run into any snags with boot be sure to reach out on the #C053K90BR channel and you will definitely get the help you need.


Leiningen is also a great tool, I should add. And since lein and boot come at things from opposite ends of the spectrum they both have a place in your tool set.