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I just saw the "Thread Form" function...very cool.

rantingbob18:12:09 doesn't newline. I wonder if you couldn't use parinfer to fix that and get a bunch of birds with one (admittedly quite large) stone


good day/night, what is the status of cursive's support for prismatic/schema? I found this (resolved) issue but am getting s/defrecord cannot be resolved:

; [prismatic/schema "1.0.4"]
    [schema.core :as s])) ;; .clj

(s/defrecord StampedNames ;; basically from schema tutorial page
  [date :- Long
   names :- [s/Str]])

;; idea 15.0.1
;; cursive 1.1.0-15

;; repl:
(in-ns 'model.core)
(->StampedNames 1000000 "yo")
=> #model.core.StampedNames{:date 1000000, :names "yo"}
Am I doing it wrong? thank you. cc @cfleming