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Hi all! I’m running a test that runs all tests in all test namespaces, but now I don’t know how to find in which namespace(s) the failure is simple_smile how can I do this in Cursive?


Hey @cfleming, just wanted to give you props for Cursive having better refactoring support than Swift 2 gets on either AppCode (limited, it seems) or XCode (none).


@squest: Not sure I understand the question. Are you using clojure.test? Don’t you get the name of the namespace/test on the report?


@ricardo: yes I am, and that’s the problem, this is my first time using clojure.test in Cursive, and I don’t know how to get the report when I’m running ‘Run all tests in this namespace’… the problem is I do that in a namespace that runs other tests in all namespaces


@squest: Have you seen this? Don’t you get the failures shown like that?


I’m assuming you mean running them by Tools > REPL > Run tests in current NS in REPL


@ricardo: yes I did, and the problem is that I have an ugly function in one test namespace that runs all other test (I’m using ss-component, so I need to start the system)… now the report is just “runs 32 tests with 240 assertions…” and no mention of which tests that produced them


Acknowledged. Haven’t run into the single-ugly-function scenario myself, sorry.


I guess it’s my test problem then and nothing to do with Cursive

Pablo Fernandez14:12:44

I’m going to be representing Cursive at a panel in Clojure Exchange.

Pablo Fernandez14:12:14

For that I need to make a 1 minute video showing the killer features of it. Any recommendations? @cfleming?


how to solve this one : Could not find template compojure on the classpath.


I tried to make a new app with as template compojure as the book web development with clojure says


also chancing it to compojure-app does not work , i stil see almost the same error message


@ricardo: Thanks! I’m hoping to improve the refactoring considerably soon.


@squest: So you have one is test that calls a bunch of functions that perform other tests?


@pupeno: That sounds great, thanks for representing Cursive! Let me make a list and get back to you.


@cfleming: no, it’s a function that calls all my tests, I did it because I need use-fixtures to start/stop system before all tests run


@roelof: That doesn’t sound like a Cursive problem, it sounds like your app is not set up correctly. If you believe it is a Cursive problem, can you send a reproduction step (i.e. I created a new app with this command) and I’ll look at it.


@squest: Hmm, I see. I use fixtures in the Cursive tests, but I set up and tear down the environment in each namespace.


@squest: Could you make a small project with two test nses showing how you’re doing it, and I’ll investigate to see if there’s a way to make it work?


That’s assuming your project isn’t OSS and I can just look at it, of course.


@cfleming: Well, I could do that I suppose, but will probably do this tomorrow since it’s already 4 am my time now simple_smile


@squest: No rush, it will take me some time to look at it properly anyway, unless it has an easy solution. Whenever you’re ready simple_smile


@cfleming: Start up Cursive then choose for a leiningen project and press next. In the next screen give the project a name and enter in template compure-app. Then press finisch


@roelof: When I do that I actually get an error: Could not find template compojure-app on the classpath.


It looks like there’s some problem creating leiningen projects from templates.


@roelof: Do you see that error?


@cfleming: yes, I see that error


Ok, then the problem I think is that the project is not created properly.


I’ll investigate that.


oke, im going to sleep it's almost midnight here

Pablo Fernandez23:12:23

@cfleming: the video was due earlier today, so I went with this:


@pupeno: Looks great! How did you record the video?