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@meikemertsch: Right, Cursive will only help with renaming the last part right now.


That’s because renaming anything else is actually a move operation and is much more complicated.


It’s definitely on my list to fix.


So I received some confirmation that their release model will not change significantly, at least in the short to medium term.


Which is good news for me.


@ricardo: There was also this on the Cursive mailing list: (as a counterpoint)


I haven’t had time to reply to it yet.


I’m in favour of the infinite version number


I think it’s worked pretty well for Chrome


@rauh: Nope, sorry, that is exactly what does not work. As I said, renaming does not allow parts with a ".". But Colin's answer was good enough simple_smile I'll wait happily.


@cfleming: Not exactly counterpoint, just people feeling differently about the possibility of the tool going away if they stop paying.


It’s not like I expect my point of view to be the only one. simple_smile


@ricardo: Sure, I didn’t think you did simple_smile


I also think he over-states the case for having to support old versions - I have no problem saying any version older than a year basically has no support, which is more or less true of JetBrains too.


Except in needing to make sure old builds stay working for some reasonable amount of time.


(which is a problem JetBrains don’t have since they’re not maintaining compatibility with an underlying platform)


Hmm. I wonder about that. As a Cursive customer, I don’t think I would have a problem if Cursive build X was guaranteed to work only with IDEA build X’. Others may, though, assuming: - They have a valid Cursive update subscription, - Their IDEA license has expired, they get to keep it but they can’t update


Although I’m not sure the out-of-sync subscription period case is any different from having a valid Cursive subscription, but not being able to update your IDEA license because of other reasons (such as it breaking a different plugin they rely on).


Meaning, it’s a problem that I’d consider out of your hands.


That’s good to know - I’d like to minimise that, though, or at least support some reasonable range of IntelliJ versions.


I was thinking more of the case where the user has a perpetual license to an older version of Cursive and wants to upgrade IntelliJ, but I don’t have a problem saying they’ll need to upgrade Cursive then.


Yeah. I expect software to keep working in the state that it was when I paid for it. Forward compatibility is an extra, not a requirement.


After all, if you release Cursive for IDEA 17, I have no reason to expect it’s also Cursive for IDEA 18 and 19.


VMWare is a good example there. I think in most cases you have to upgrade you Fusion license if you want to upgrade your OSX host.


@kernelp4nic: I’ll look into whether it would be possible to configure those in a way that wouldn’t interfere with the extension api later.