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Pablo Fernandez08:08:11

cfleming: I think it would be useful when you are automatically selecting the enclosing form, to have a middle step between single expression in a hashmap and whole hashmap: to select the current pair in the hashmap. What do you think?


@pupeno: Yes, I’m planning to do this. In the last couple of releases Cursive now understands these groupings, so you can move map entries (and let bindings, and similar things) up and down together. It makes sense to use those for selection expansion too.

Pablo Fernandez08:08:00

Do you want me to submit a request to github?


@pupeno: Actually I think there’s an issue that’s been open forever, but I can’t find it right now. Go ahead and file another, and I’ll mark one or the other as a duplicate if I ever find it.


What’s the story with Retina Mac OS X and IntelliJ? Is it working well now?


@caskolkm: which JDK do you use?


It works ok with JDK 6 as long as you’re lucky and don’t get bitten by Yosemite bugs, and it might work ok with the bundled JDK if you’re lucky and don’t get bitten by a slew of other bugs.


@danielcompton: I recommend starting with JDK6, and only changing if any Yosemite bugs you hit are too annoying.


(assuming you’re running Yosemite, if not you’re golden)


Got a problem with a project where one of my dependencies is a local git fork of Devcards that I want to work with so that I don't have to go through the install process if I change something in my fork of Devcards. So in my project that uses Devcards I have :source-paths ["src" "../../devcards/src"] which works fine as far as running my project using lein figwheel but Cursive is not happy with the project and when I try to refresh Leiningen I'm getting an error:

The file 'C:\Users\Patrick\code\decomplect\ive\..\..\devcards\src' is not under content entry root 'C:/Users/Patrick/code/decomplect/ive'
Is there a way to work around this?


@meow: Sadly, no, this is a problem with a few things in Cursive, there’s an IntelliJ issue about it which I can’t find right now.


Would lein checkouts work for you? Those are supported in Cursive.


@cfleming: I can live with it the way it is now - it won't keep me from working on the project. Just wanted to see if there was something I was overlooking that would make it work. Thanks.


@meow: Ok - if they’ll work for you, I think checkouts is probably the best solution, they’re designed for exactly this case. It should be trivial to set up I think.