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@jeremyraines: So I’m not sure about that REPL error, you should never get that with the shown config because that error is for nREPL and your configuration specifies clojure.main - sounds like that’s sorted now anyway, let me know if it recurs.


I can’t easily put the shortcuts on the structural editing page because they’re configurable, and there are several different default bindings. There are a couple of requests to be able to make a printable cheat sheet though.


There is one by @pupeno, unfortunately I can’t find the link now because of Slack’s 10k message archive limit.


There have been some conflicts with paredit and IdeaVim, yeah - there’s an issue about them but I haven’t spent much time looking into IdeaVim since it’s difficult to debug and get changes into.


@jeremyraines: Also, you don’t use the keybindings panel to edit keymappings, just to set up a default binding set. You use the Keymap panel to modify that later. See


Thanks @pupeno and @cfleming. Understood about the docs page, it makes sense now.

Joe R. Smith20:08:24

Anyone know of an easy way to get the option key in osx to work without using it in combination with the fn key? I’m using emacs bindings and it’s kind of rough. (as an aside: it works in Emacs)

Joe R. Smith20:08:49

^ in cursive/intellij, of course. simple_smile


@solussd: Which JDK are you using to run IntelliJ? You can check it in IntelliJ IDEA->About IntelliJ IDEA.

Joe R. Smith21:08:04

@cfleming: 1.8.0_40-release-b89


Ok, there have been some reports that recent JDKs broke the Alt key pretty badly, in theory to adhere to Apple’s UI guidelines - I don’t remember the details. I have a feeling that might have been fixed in 1.8.0-60


I’ll see if I can find the issue, one sec

Joe R. Smith21:08:26

cool thanks— guess I could always just upgrade and find out. simple_smile

cfleming21:08:05 has a similar report and a link to a YouTrack issue


Are you using the bundled JDK or an external one?

Joe R. Smith21:08:31

bundled with intellij?


Which IntelliJ version are you running?

Joe R. Smith21:08:15

bundled 15 EAP, but I had this problem in 14 community, too.

Joe R. Smith21:08:59

at least I’m assuming it’s bundled b/c it is a different version than java -version in a shell gives me


Yeah, if it’s the 15 EAP you’re using the bundled JDK. I don’t know what their plan is to upgrade, or to fix that bug. You can try switching the startup JVM to 1.6 using Cmd-Shift-A and use the Switch IDE Boot JDK action to see if that helps.