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How do I get cursive to use a newer version of a dependency? I changed my project.clj file and that didn't do it.


@meow: There’s a bug in the current version which is fixed for the next build. Cursive didn’t save all files every time it should have. The easiest way is to Alt-tab to another app (IntelliJ will save all files when it loses focus) and back again, then hit refresh in the Leiningen toolwindow.


It’s a little annoying, sorry - it’ll be fixed soon.


@danielcompton: Yeah, the problem is hooking into the element selection to detect that case - currently Cursive doesn’t get called at all. I’m sure there’s a good way to do it, I just haven’t found it yet.


@cfleming: that worked, thanks simple_smile


I’m going to fix the case of adding things to project.clj so it’s much easier soon.


I'm really enjoying Cursive, though I'm far from productive with it. Do you have any good resources for getting up-to-speed with structured editing?


Not really unfortunately, no - just practise is the best advice I can give. There’s some more advice here:


I’m actually considering something like a typing tutor for paredit - I think something like that would be really helpful for beginners.


And I'd love to know how dnolen has cursive configured since he seems quite happy with his workflow for cljs using a simple browser repl. Some wiki pages for this might be nice, since then the community could help out.


I’m not sure how it would work though.


Yeah, I’ve been planning to update the CLJS wiki with that info. There’s a page on the Figwheel wiki:


That’s probably what you want, since I’m almost certain you want Figwheel as well.


Also bear in mind that dnolen is generally happy with a pretty minimal setup. I think that makes a lot of sense for CLJS especially, since nREPL doesn’t really buy you much.


All the completion etc in a CLJS REPL for Cursive happens from the open project anyway, since the CLJS REPL doesn’t allow you to introspect the running env as much as the CLJ one does.


@cfleming: good stuff, thanks


No worries. I’m actually in the middle of updating the Cursive website and doc, it should be better soon. I’m also considering open sourcing the doc so others can contribute.


@cfleming: That's great. I'm still climbing the learning curve so I'd be happy to really scrutinize the changes if that helps. Whenever you've got the new docs ready.


@meow: Great, thanks for the offer!