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oh ok I guess I will have to work around it for now


@kidpollo: I think you could just start a REPl at the terminal and then attach to it with Cursive?


Are cljs docstrings supported in Cursive? I couldn’t find any issues about it, does this work for other people?


@kidpollo: There’s no good solution for that right now, sorry - there should be very soon, though


If you only need the profiles when running the REPL, then the best solution is to run the REPL using lein repl :headless and connect to it with a Remote REPL run configuration.


Unfortunately there’s no good way to sync deps from other profiles to Cursive though.


i.e. to have those dependencies available in the editor.

Steve Peterson13:08:43

How to clear the REPL in Cursive (remove temporary vars from the current namespace)? I've found this snippet on StackOverflow: (map #(ns-unmap *ns* %) (keys (ns-interns *ns*))) - can I map it to a shortcut in Cursive REPL?


thanks @cfleming great work!


@stevep: Unfortunately you can’t right now, there’s an issue I’m hoping to get to soon:


@danielcompton: Yes, they are. I suspect that your problem is - if a symbol resolves to two other symbols, the doc isn’t shown. I haven’t figured out how to make IntelliJ show a popup to choose from in that case.


@cfleming: you could just show a message in the doc window saying that two symbols were resolved to this, not sure which to pick