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@james: So the word is that they’re going to try to do something for v15, although what form that will take isn’t decided yet.


I may try to implement something myself and send a pull request since I’m pretty keen to have it work.


@cfleming: It's a shame that JetBrains aren't prioritising it higher, as I think it's a very useful feature for all REPL-based languages. (In fact, flexible inline content rendering could be useful for lots of other cool things, like test results, documentation, etc.) If you can develop this feature by yourself that would be mind blowing! (And a nice differentiator for Cursive).


Sure - it’s not that they’re not prioritising it, they do have it planned for v15 but they’re all busy on other things. I’ll work with them and see if I can help with it, since it would indeed be useful for many things.


It’s a surprisingly difficult thing to do well.